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Don't deny me (or anyone) happy moments!

At the risk of losing all my wonderful reader support I am going to fess up and say I like Rainbow Roses. And, even though you are possibly/probably spluttering all over the screen at this stage, I am not going to apologise for it.

Because although I adore a stunning Avalanche – especially the pink ones - and will drool over Early Grey roses,the fact is there are days when I would love a vase of Rainbow roses in the house simply because they make me smile. They are, as the main supplier calls them, Happy Roses, and I would happily spend hard cash buying them.

So why is it still so hard to find them out in floristland. Probably because so many florists have decided they don’t like them and therefore no-one can have them. Ooooh that is scary. Because if you only sell what you like and what you think is tasteful then not only are you denying people like me our ‘Happy’ moments but you’re doing yourself out of a sale and a potential customer. Yes, I may have naff taste in some areas but that doesn’t preclude me from spending on the things you think are acceptable as well!

At the end of the day it’s your choice as to what you sell and how you sell it. However, don’t run the risk of alienating perfectly nice customers just because they may occasionally want a mad moment or slip below your own taste barometer!