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CMFforwebpage1The monthly, weekly and, depending on what’s happening in this mad, mad industry of ours, sometimes daily views of Caroline Marshall — Foster, Managing Editor of The Florist, the only independent trade magazine for the £1.8 billion retail flower industry in the UK.

Never known to hold back, she comments on what’s happening, what’s got her goat and even what’s made her happy… yes it does happen!

Have something of your own to say? Want to vent your feelings? Got an idea you want to share? Then e-mail Replies go straight to her computer so anything you say is strictly between you and her… unless you want it made public!




Let’s not make mistakes this Valentine’s

ValentinesHave to say I hate February 15th almost as much as the days before. Because that’s when you see the fall out. And oh boy was there a fall out last year with Facebook pages and Twitters going wild with complaints.

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Logo rates real florists

Logo-gameKnowing all about Interflora won me the after supper family game of Logo recently. A fun game based on — yes you’ve guessed it — our best loved brands and logos from around the world, the object of the exercise is to get to the middle first so I was pretty chuffed to get the card about Interflora in the final moments!

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Is it time to show the truth?

Time-to-tell-the-truthThose of you who follow my online editorial or Facebook activity will know I published a picture of what I thought was the worse delivery ever. The reaction was overwhelming … name and shame the florist was the main cry, major disgust expressed that the person even dared call themselves a florist and more than one saying it was so bad it made the efforts of the Young Apprentice candidates look positively fab!

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