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Take three of the most iconic British bands of all times. Add in an equally iconic British florist and mix with over 1,000 stems of amazing Colombian flowers. Stir well, making sure all the notes mix and blend to create a harmonious look and, cue the music, you have the perfect score for Flowers of Colombia’s biggest consumer event this year! Because, when Flowers of Colombia wanted to pay tribute to the UK, their second biggest market after the USA, how better than to say it with flowers.

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When you get 25 top name bloggers, vloggers and Instagram influencers in one room you have to make sure that you have every photo opportunity going.  And that’s exactly what Flowers of Colombia achieved when they hosted a special Floral Masterclass at the world famous McQueens Flower School. Instagram influencers included foodies Leyla Kazim behind @thecutlerychronicles and Samira Kazan from @alphafoodie and travel influencer Suze behind @luxurycolumnist.

It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s dramatic and it’s strong. In fact the new logo for Flowers by Colombia is just like the flowers it represents; bigger, brighter and stronger and exactly what the new campaign for flowers from Colombia is all about.


Colombian flower growers are fuelled by passion, which is why they produce the world’s finest flowers. Discover the benefits of buying ahead by pre-ordering Colombian blooms, because better quality and lower prices mean they’ll make a real difference to your bottom line.

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