If it's anything like most people's it will be pretty standard - a bit of blurb about you, maybe mentioning an award you've won and definitely talking about the professional qualification you've got in flower modelling. Right?

Uh-oh! I suspected as much. In other words it's bland and boring and SAMEY.

Oh, I'm not blaming you.

How are you to know better? You've probably looked at other people's websites, maybe even your competitors' sites and taken their lead. You're not alone - it's how most people decide what to put on their website, but that doesn't mean it's not WRONG!

If you’re a social media user you’ll probably have heard of Instagram, even if you’ve not tried it yet. The concept is simple – you take a photo, tinker around with the built-in filters if you like and then post it, accompanied by hashtags, to your Instagram timeline. Simple.

The thing is, Instagram is a cracking marketing tool for florists. Think about it – you’re working with the most beautiful products every single day. You have possibly the most photogenic business around and you will never be stuck for ideas.

A few weeks ago I needed to find a florist in Ireland. I wanted to send a 'thank you' bouquet to a lady who had booked me for a training workshop. Easy, you would think, except it wasn't. Part of the challenge was that whenever I searched, I got hit with loads of websites that all looked the same. They all had their standard 'Interflora' offerings on the front page and there was nothing to differentiate them from each other. They used the same images, the same words, the same everything. The thing is, I didn't want 'standard', I wanted something special and different. I spent close to an hour searching before I gave up and ordered a large 'standard' bouquet, feeling slightly underwhelmed.