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Read our selection of photography tips provided by a florist-come-photographer, guaranteed to boost your website rankings and slick up your social media. Ed's note: we first published this article over a year ago but due to popular demand we're re-posting and will be sharing more photography hints and tips in the near future.

Good photography is so, so important in a creative industry like floristry. That's not to say florists need thousand pound cameras, tripods and qualifications, but dark fuzzy phone shots on both your social media channels and your website just look a little bit pants and unprofessional to say the least. Plus Google say they penalise websites with stock photos, which don't show off your true talents or give you a unique edge either, so there's no two ways about it; learning how to take a decent photo is the way to go.

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It's only one week on and, as was the case before votes were cast, there will still be so many observations and far fewer facts until Brexit frenzy settles. Purely by accident, we've topped and tailed our report with two opinions which offered some of the most important impact: "Initial panic will subside and economic realities will then emerge", from University of Nairobi's Dr Iraki, and, "The common values of diversity, internationality and innovation should continue prevailing," from Frank Zeiler, Union Fleurs. Only time will tell what the impact will be and will keep monitoring the situation and reporting developments as they happen.

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Macroeconomist Russell Jones spoke at the BFA's Vision '16 conference and detailed thoughts on Brexit and what it could mean for the flower industry. Here's a precis of his speech. 

I spend much of my time – actually far too much of my time - interacting with crusty old central bankers, civil servants, money managers and academics. So it made a pleasant change to be talking to the people at the sharp end of the economy. The people generating the wealth, rather than pontificating about it. But when it comes to flowers and economics my underlying thesis is that the worlds are not so far apart and there is quite a lot that we can learn from one another.

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