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As a business owner it's crucial to be on top of the latest rules and regulations (the Forum of Private Business is great for keeping informed) but as a florist it's hard to find the time. One such admin essential is the auto-enrolment pension scheme system so we spoke to experts for a full, easy-to-digest report on exactly what, as a florist, you should be doing. The following article has been provided by the team at Smart Pension.

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73% of UK shoppers predict they will spend more money on their mobile this year, and 15% now use mobile as their primary shopping device*1. Couple this with latest data from FloraHolland confirming that UK online flower sales have increased by 10% and you've proof there's serious merit in getting your mobile flower business up to scratch. In fact, almost half of consumers (40%) feel the mobile shopping experience could be improved, so we spoke to Shane Nolan, Director of SMB Sales at Google UK & Ireland, who has shared three simple steps to get your florist business mobile-ready.


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Life running an independent florist is never one of perpetual bloom. Footfall, seasonality and special occasions tend to dictate sales patterns leading to peaks, troughs and unpredictable demand. Effective marketing can have a huge impact in overcoming timely struggles so when florist Roxanne of Lily Blossom in Marsden discovered a new tactic, she hasn't looked back. We asked Textlocal to explain how it works.

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For many florists, your website is your new shop window. If a consumer has stumbled upon your site for the first time, whether they've Googled for a florist in your area or have spotted your gorgeous work on social media and followed through for a piece of the action, it's crucial that you keep 'em keen right up until the point that they click 'pay now'. There are lots of ways to do this, be it through compelling copy, an easy-to-use layout or cleverly placed links, so Sarah Clerke from specialist florist website company FloristPro is here to share some tips on creating a website that not only looks beautiful, but keeps customers coming back for more.

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