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From tech talk to marketing tips and accountancy advice, here you'll find all you need to know to keep your floral business blooming.


Whilst being fabulous at floristry is essential in this business, it's also key you know how to keep cash flow running smoothly so you can spend more time on the fun bits. Phil Mullis is an accountant specialising in retail, working for top 20 UK accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy, who has been sharing his knowledge with independents in a bid to help them learn from the big boys in making business boom. Here are his five tips to make florist business bloom...

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Last year the average weekly online spend hit £718 million pounds. This has increased by 12% since 2013, and has more than doubled in the last five years. With online sales rapidly increasing, and online flower sales the fifth fastest growing e-commerce product in the UK, we figured it was about time we started a regular feature on all things cyber-sales.

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The start of April saw the latest lot of business law changes take place, so get clued up to make sure you're on top. Thanks to the Forum of Private Business for keeping us up-to-date, visit their website for tons of handy tips for running your small (but beautiful!) business.

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5 top tips for successful business negotiation

The way you talk during high-level negotiations is critical to determining success. Which is why Professor Christophe Haag from EMLYON business school in France reckons we should take some lessons from how military and police negotiators speak in extreme situations following his interviews with Christophe Caupenne, a leading French negotiator known as 'The Voice', who successfully dealt with 350 extreme hostage and terrorist cases, all of which ended without bloodshed.

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