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In today's networked world, practically every business has its own website and social media presence and #hashtags rule the cyber highway. So you could be forgiven for thinking that the business card should have gone the way of the Filofax, Rolodex and fax machine. However, the humble business card is far from finished.

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As peak season draws to a close you'll finally have a chance to breathe (unless you specialise in weddings!) and can take time to plan the marketing strategy for the year ahead. Websites and social media are of course an ever important aspect of running a small business in the twenty first century, and to even dip your toe in the online marketing pond you'll need a little know-how in imagery. That's where Rebecca Swift comes in, as director of creative planning at iStock by Getty Images she's clued up on all things aesthetics and has written a piece explaining the ins and outs of photo marketing, focussed on that funny little thing called love.

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Tim Teasle 2015

We’re heading for the biggest selling days in the floral calendar and online shopping will be at its highest.  So make sure your website is doing what it should and that you’re doing what you should to make it happen.  Tim Teasel, boss man at FloristPro, who already supplies hundreds of florists with websites, gives you his Top Ten list of things to do this week.









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No one likes spending time and money thinking about rules and regs like health and safety but act now and you could save yourself a fine or worse in future, leaving more time for fun with flowers in the long-run.

Legislation introduced earlier this year requires all workplaces to display a new and updated Health and Safety Law Poster. Large numbers of businesses throughout the UK are breaking the law and risk being fined by displaying the old poster instead.

As well as being a legal requirement the new poster is a bid to keep staff safe and keep employers informed, so having one could make all the difference when your apprentice slips on some foliage.

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