In lieu of flowers? Funeral florals for charity collections

Some families will always opt for donations in lieu of funeral flowers and during a tough time those personal wishes must be catered for with ultimate sensitivity. Which is why Jo Newington of The Village Florist in Storrington has come up with a genius offering that allows florists to add the special warmth that only flowers can bring, while still giving mourners the chance to donate to charity in honour of their loved one.

Jo shared an image of her design which sees charity collection tins d├ęcored with beautiful blooms, alongside a comment saying, "In an attempt to get around funerals in lieu of flowers, how about a new range of collection tin designs to encourage mourners to donate to the family's chosen charity?"

Here at The Florist Magazine we felt it was the perfect solution and whilst the florals don't have to break the bank, they'll still serve that important purpose they carry at funerals, whilst giving friends and family the chance to donate to charity in honour of their lost one.

Fellow florists loved the idea too, as Daisy Johnson wrote on Facebook, "Absolutely brilliant and wonderful of you to share your idea! Amazing!!" and Sue Hodges added, "Such a good idea and very unique. Well done - I think I can see this idea working."

Following lots of impressed messages Jo added, "Thank you to everyone for their kind comments about the design, please feel free to copy the idea to produce your own collection tin designs. After all, we florists should stand united if we wish our industry to succeed."