98 photos of stunning florist ideas at Fleuramour

Alden Biesen castle absolutely had the wow factor this weekend, full to the brim with amazing installations by designers from all across the world for Fleuramour 2016, Belgium’s flower festival organised by the makers of Fleur Creatif magazine.

Even walking into the courtyard was awe-inpiring as you're immediately faced with a huge two-story structure suspended mobile-like from a metal ring in the centre of the square dripping with thousands of flowers arranged by Max Van de Sluis and Hanneke Frankema. Wow was a theme throughout the whole exhibition as magical hanging flowers, delicately balanced geometric structures and meticulously woven shapes were featured in spades thoughout the castle. Each installation was imaginative and different from the next. In some, entire rooms were filled with a single flower, like Frank Timmerman, Peter Boeijkens and Jan Aartsen’s sunflower design, whilst others use all kinds of materials like Frédéric Dupré’s standing mixed media installations.

It spanned over 4 floors, packed to the rafters with flowers of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of designs. Taking inspiration from the four elements, flowers were arranged into waves and flames, light sweeping airy designs, and earthy styles giving a nod to floral agriculture. Alongside these, heartfelt tributes to designer Stijn Simaeys were seen all over the castle, you can read all about them here.

Find out what else we saw at the huge festival of flowers in our full report.

The best way to experience Fleuramour is to see it, so scroll through to see our favourite photos from our weekend at Alden Biesen. 






Flowers by Max Van de Sluis & Hanneke Frankema








Flowers by Angelica Lacarbonara








Flowers by Tom De Houwer




Flowers by Fleur@Home: Stijn Simaeys, Annick Mertens, Charlotte Bartholomé & Tom De Houwer






 Flowers by Moniek Vanden Berghe




Flowers by Pascale Rombeau & Frank Girard


Flowers by Mihail Chudnovets, Luc Milissen & Martine Mommen









Flowers by Hilde Demol & Adinda Sap