Valentine’s ideas to cut costs but retain value


With the year's first peak looming it's about time we talked about Valentine's. Which red rose will you stock, what unique designs will set you apart, what will save you from completely losing your mind after the two-hundredth two-dozen hand-tied?

As always our friends at OASIS® Floral Products are on hand to help with a look-book created by leading commercial florist Helen Jamieson, with inspiration to rake in Romeo sales. Made with love, the OASIS® Floral Valentine selection features unique grab-and-go ideas that'll impress customers but won't break the bank... in fact you'll find you can add a good mark-up to most, since they use little flower with maximum designer impact.



With 2017 set to be another tough year financially, we know you're all looking to make savings but as florists you need to focus on the higher-value market. Which is why the team at OASIS® Floral reckon you should make the most of their products; because only you know how to use a Naylorbase to create something magical at a low cost.

Use OASIS® FOAM FRAMES® or OASIS® NAYLORBASE® hearts with leftover, short-stemmed roses or those odd lopped heads to make quick and easy impulse buys, and you know they'll likely last longer than a hand-tied since they're in Maxlife formula OASIS® Floral Foam.




Add value with heart-shaped picks and clusters of roses and foliage to create romantic textures; two Freedom can have more impact than 12 if they're beautifully arranged in a glass vase with looped rattan hearts, cleverly selected foliage and special wrapping using sundries like OASIS® tissue paper, birch hearts or kraft paper. And it'll cost you half the price.

That said you can't ignore the classics, so OASIS® Floral are still your go-to brand for quality; be it elegant vases for perfect gifts, colourful cello, sturdy plant bags, stylish cards, and all-important Floralife® sachets to make sure those roses last way beyond February 14th, giving you long-term customers to keep.

Download your Valentine's collection leaflet here, and ask your wholesaler for products.





Bonus tip: amaze customers with the longest lasting roses they've ever received!

We've tried and tested it ourselves, multiple times, and OASIS® Express genuinely is like magic potion. It's their revolutionary no-stem-cut solution and is available in sachets to give to your customers, so they don't have to worry about cutting stems, and is also available in larger quantities for florists to fill buckets. And we have to say, when we ran real-life tests our roses faired best of all the varieties, lasting way longer than their stem-cut counterparts, making it indispensable this coming February. Just ask your wholesaler to get hold of it.