15 favourite flower & plant varieties spotted at new Floradecora fair


Launching a brand new trade show is no mean feat but the brave souls who launched Floradecora last week gave it a good shot as they founded their new-concept flower fair in Frankfurt. Running alongside mega-sized Christmasworld, the show's layout was designed by famous floral faces Pascal Koeleman and Rudi Tuinman from 2Dezign, who gave a fresh take on the traditional trade fair look which involved bubble-like exhibitor stands, neatly organised variety displays and retail concepts.

A number of industry faces attended to show support and check out the new event; alongside journalists from trade magazines around the world we saw Mark Ward and Mike Bourguignon from Florint, the team from Chrysal, Jairo Cadavid who represents new Colombian grower association Colviveros, plus Klaus Wagener and Sylvia Sylvia Weigner from famous German floristry magazine Blooms who also gave speeches on stage. For a first run Floradecora generated praise from notable people as visitors commented on its neat and organised layout, plus one of its organisers, Ronald van den Breevart of Green Team Consultancy, told us he was very pleased with how it went.

The show featured a large farmhouse at its centre, where visitors could grab a coffee and listen to talks from industry experts, so we've much more to share over the coming weeks along with buckets of fresh new retail concepts and marketing tips from floral experts. First though we have to publish all-important flower and plant varieties which took centre stage throughout, so here you'll find a selection of our top spots from the show; both total newbies and old favourites.

Floradecora still to come: 20 fresh trends & retail concepts, gorgeous eco Italian packaging, incredible dried botanicals, Surprise Surprise: crazy kitsch design in the spotlight.

They've been around for a few years now but these No Water Amaryllis bulbs are still a talking point at trade shows, and their designs are constantly evolving. Launched as a Christmas novelty covered in glitter, some of the new waxed and even velvet-coated styles are stylish enough to suit those who veer away from anything artificial.



IMG 2205

IMG 2208

Delicate furled petals from these Crown of Dynasty (top) and White Liberstar (bottom) tulips from Triflor, giving a regal appearance.


IMG 2212

Cloony Soorten Ranunculus... an oldie but a goodie, always guaranteed to get customers drooling. These are supplied by OZ Export & Hamifleurs, and are bred by Piazza Dei Fiori.


IMG 2222

If you're looking for gorgeous twigs to add structure and a wow-effect, these Cheanomeles Superba really caught our eye as they looked so fresh with a real cherry blossom appearance. Produced by Goedegebuure, it's sadly only available December through February.


IMG 2087

Sanseveria, or Mother in Law's Tongue - an age-old variety especially popular for corporate accounts and business lobbies, however we particularly like these extra-mini versions (the pots are around the size of a thumb) so they'd make a nice alternative to mini-succulents. They're also great for decorating; cover the tips in gold leaf or you can even buy special plant jewellery from Charmon at Easy Care.


IMG 2089

Again an already established popular plant variety, Zamioculcas, but we're predicting big things for this houseplant trend over the coming few years - a great and slightly more unusual alternative to the Yukka, those pictured are produced by Duynplant.


IMG 2092

The Phalaenopsis has become a supermarket staple but we're always keeping an eye out for special varieties and while on first glance this Wild Orchid variety from Opti-Flor might look like a standard white, it produces tons more little heads than you'd normally find, which gives a gorgeous cloud-like appearance.


IMG 2105

Spotted at a number of trade fairs, Ananas (or pineapple) is now incredibly on-trend, we reckon helped hugely by forward-thinking florists like Rebel Rebel who regularly incorporate the cut flower version into arrangements and bouquets. This variety is Pacifico by Hamiplant.


IMG 2122

IMG 2130

Admittedly we fell a little bit in love with these Mikado Syngonanthos, and whilst it may all be down to clever marketing by Bunnik Plants who prompt thoughts of fairytales and frog-kissing-princesses, these mini houseplants totally catch the eye; topped with little gold crowns which genuinely sparkle in the light. Available Sept - Jan.


IMG 2142

The Roselily: now a fair few years old but still under-used in our opinion. Perfect for customers looking for something unusual, unscented, and a lily alternative that won't drop pollen or upset pets. This is Roselily Isabella by Your Lily.


The cool green of Eucalyptus will never go out of style but we thought this Cyrtomium Fortunei would make a stunning alternative foliage, giving more bang-for-buck with its wide leaves. Produced by Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.


IMG 2152

IMG 2157

Begonia, specially bred with fresh cut stems which are about sweet-pea length, ready for export and wholesale! We hear this has been around for a few years but it was a first find for us - almost as exciting as the first time we saw cut-stem Kalachoe (check out Danish breeder Queen if you've not heard of it)! This Begonia variety is called 'Brighty Line' Sky by OZ Export & Hamifleurs.


IMG 2172

We spotted tons of gorgeous Lisianthus in Germany this month, breeders are really going to town with exciting new shapes, colours and styles. This huge-headed ruffled variety is Alissa Pink by Van Der Lugt.


IMG 2182

Just one of many unusual spaghetti gerbera varieties, this one is Pasta Rosata by Schreurs and Coloured by Gerbera.



Stay tuned as on Floradecora still to come: 20 fresh trends & retail concepts, gorgeous eco Italian packaging, incredible dried botanicals, Surprise Surprise: crazy kitsch design in the spotlight.