Not just a filler flower: top florists freestyle with freesia


For the last three years Dutch freesia growers have worked together with Flower Factor, the online portal run by eminent European florist Pim van den Akker, to promote the versatility of freesias. This year their campaign, #FreestyleFreesia, sees them taking a different look at the dainty scented stem.

Pim says, "Although the flower is still well-loved, it's traditionally used in wedding bouquets or just as a filler flower in arrangements. Flower Factor wants to show just how versatile the freesia is, and in what ways it can be used as the star of the show!"

Flower Factor asked a range of florists to freestyle with freesias, and in their new #FreestyleFreesia video series you can check out these new talented designers plus well-known names and ambassadors who share their vision and ideas with freesia. All with the aim to inspire florists to use freesia in inspiring ways.

Young florist and on team Flower Factor is Roos van Unen, who is pleasantly surprised, "In the flower shop I work in, we mainly use the Freesia as a single flower in field bouquets. But the freestyle session really opened my eyes. The flower has so much more to offer!"

Flower Factor will share their inspirational photos and videos, not only offering design ideas but also emphasising the flower's natural perfume as a unique selling point, plus they'll look into making new combinations using other unusual materials.

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