A secret for keeping mum a customer long after Mother’s Day


We know you'll be manically busy, likely surviving on three hours' sleep and buckets of coffee but this little trick from our friends at Corsage Creations is one you might want to remember come M-Day '17, since it's so important to nurture those new customers for the future.

Whilst it's tempting to focus your year-round marketing activities on targeting Millennials; the buyers of the future and of course crucial to the industry's success, we should also remember that the biggest chunk of regular flower buyers are women aged 30 or above... and many of them are mums. Which is why Mother's Day is a mega occasion when it comes to retaining customers post-peak, and why it's so important they're not just greeted with thrown-together paint-by-number bouquets come March 26th.

With not long to go many of you will have already prepped and planned much of your Mother's Day designs but as it's an occasion that really deserves something special as sons and daughters seek to seriously treat their favourite ladies, Corsage Creations are on hand to help with items for adding a personal touch to any design plus keepsakes for years to come.




Their brooch collection has something to suit everyone from the mum who's a traditionalist and might appreciate a string of pearls across her blooms or a Treasure Chest pearl brooch, to the bubbly mum who's always the life of the party and loves her colours; cover her blooms in these gemstone-style Centre of Attention brooches in an array of colours.




Their Bon Bon or Bow brooches will suit a mum with classic tastes, while Rhinestone Charms are in fact mini photo frames for a personal touch mum will adore.




The best part is every Corsage Creations brooch, charm or pick can be easily wired into any bouquet or foam arrangement, and can even be included in wrapped plants or planted arrangements in the same way you'd add a novelty pick. Then once the flowers have flopped, mums around the country will have a special brooch or charm to keep for years to come... which should also prove a handy reminder for which florist to go to next time she's buying blooms for herself.



Article created in collaboration with Corsage Creations