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How are you planning to keep turnover going strong and market your business over the spring/ summer period? Now all the peaks are out of the way you can seriously think about the best way to sell those wedding skills and create new business from the lucrative – and expanding - prom market. For those at a loose end or simply open to new ideas and inspiration, Corsage Creations have come up with twelve top tips for boosting those post-peak sales.

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We're thrilled to announce a new regular feature for thanks to Chanel de Kock, the Flower Council's new UK representative!

She's working with us to bring you updates on the Flower Council's latest movements and will be providing a monthly feed on all things consumer-focussed.

Chanel is the first to know about all the latest fads and she's in touch with the biggest lifestyle mags and the latest research. With a background in fashion she's perfectly placed to transfer all of her trend know-how to the flower industry.

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Running out of romantic design ideas? Take a look at what Opiflor came up with and then bookmark them for your Mother's Day sundries.

Little extra touches, attention to detail and unusual containers make all the difference when it comes to boosting profit at peaks, especially when your roses are coming in at such a high price. Don't forget accessories equal profit so differentiate yourself from the supermarkets by adding a creative touch with unusual add-ons and va va voom design ideas.

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Poinsettia haters, beware! Because if, as a florist, you've got preconceptions of the poinsettia as just a traditional pot plant then prepare to be stunned as Stars for Europe, the EU-funded poinsettia campaign, has one last, extra special project up their sleeve for 2015. It features the skills of five fantastic florists who were tasked with designing a wedding bouquet incorporating poinsettia, and they really have revealed the plant to be a spectacular, versatile and long-lasting cut flower.

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calla-squareDesign inspiration from the latest Calla collection.

Fancy adding some real pizzazz to your Christmas work this year? With their elegant look and stylish nature, Callas are perfect for Christmas. The good people at Simply Calla are proud to present their A/W creations; a new range of shots taken just for you, to showcase the gorgeousness of their favourite stem and encourage you to use more Calla this Christmas.

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Grab some seasonal inspiration with these unique wreath design ideas plus huge Christmas price cuts from Opiflor... offer lasts until Advent!

Oxford Street's lights are officially on, John Lewis has released its Christmas ad and pop-up ice rinks are taking shape... with advent just around the corner it's about time we share some festive floristry, this time courtesy of sundries supplier Opiflor who never cease to impress with their innovative ideas and products. And not only have they produced a range of gorgeous wreath designs, but they've also reduced prices by up to 30% for the festive season!

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lead-shot-tallulah-rose-sympathy-floristry-school-course-flowers“In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.
- Benjamin Franklin, 1789

“Floristry is a business routed in the certainty of life events – weddings, births and deaths. All of these are opportunities for florists to provide services but while many florists keep abreast of wedding flowers trends, sympathy flowers often lag behind. For those that take the time to understand the market, this can be an area that represents a strong business opportunity.”

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douthwaites video editorial 2Weddings, especially at this time of year, can be a florist’s bread and butter. These clips demonstrate key designs; some essential for nuptials of any kind and others great for the discerning bride with an eye for style. Each one perfect as a starting point for you to let your creativity (plus the bride's wishes) run wild.

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Accessories can make or break an outfit, so who’s to say that floral designs are any different?

Wedding trends chop and change constantly; brides will no longer settle for the same old roundy-moundy when there are so many millions of unusual and innovative ideas out there.

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wendy-andrade-floral-jewellery-florist-flowers-corsage-creations“Wearable art” is how designer Wendy Andrade describes her floral jewellery – because each design is a mini masterpiece.

The difference is that this is art for the masses, and can be created at prices that will sell on the high street.

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intro-white-simply-calla-movement-design-florist-flowers-ideas-inspiration-changeThe latest campaign to set our creative juices flowing is really getting underway – we’ve given you a brief introduction to Simply Calla, but here’s more on who’s behind it and what it’s all about...

Simply Calla is an innovative promotional campaign kicking off this spring which is set to bring you bucket-loads of refreshingly different design ideas along with information, advice, ideas and anything else Calla-related that the organisers can find!

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