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Pinterest is brimming with unique and quirky ways to add personality to bridal bouquets, event flowers, corsages, buttonholes and everyday blooms. Not just reserved for Etsy sellers, crafty and unusual accessories needn’t be extra effort or costly. In fact, Corsage Creations are sharing ways for florists to add sparkle to florals of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to offer special touches with serious added value.

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Some families will always opt for donations in lieu of funeral flowers and during a tough time those personal wishes must be catered for with ultimate sensitivity. Which is why Jo Newington of The Village Florist in Storrington has come up with a genius offering that allows florists to add the special warmth that only flowers can bring, while still giving mourners the chance to donate to charity in honour of their loved one.

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Without wanting to scare you too much, we thought we'd team up with Opiflor to offer a gentle reminder that the next peak is just 131 days away. We won't mention its name yet (though Selfridges have already kitted out an entire floor dedicated to it), but we will share a range of floral design, plant and product inspiration to put you in an autumnal spirit, slowly easing you in to the seasons ahead.

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August’s houseplant of the month is one not easily pigeonholed. Both stylish and rugged, the cactus goes perfectly with this year’s geometric patterned pot trend. Maybe ‘Lego’ and ‘florist’ aren’t two words that usually go together, but the Flower Council has come up with a quirky idea that you could use to show off cacti in an unusual way, or as schools break up this week it could be a fun family summer project or workshop for your customers.

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