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tea 4Mad Hatter’s tea party anyone? Tea cups and cake cases are a lovely idea, customers love the quaint feel of something so small and sweet - they just won’t be able to resist!

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valentines 1

As Valentines approaches no doubt you’ll sell dozens of red rose bouquets, all beautifully packaged and as gorgeous as can be, however not everybody wants the classic red dozen and we know that not every florist wants to spend all day making exactly the same bouquet.

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Given carnations, roses, chrysanths and alstros are Colombia's top exports, you'd be forgiven for thinking a trip to the Proflora trade fair in Bogotá might not fill you with awe, but actually as they're the most commonly sold varieties it's so refreshing to see the latest and greatest versions of the world's favourite flowers. And there's nothing boring about them. Scroll down for 37 of our top picks at every end of the spectrum from just bred with no name yet to oldies but goodies.

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