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Wholesale peonies are finally affordable, the sun is shining and Corsage Creations sales are on the up. It can only mean one thing. Wedding season is officially upon us, so the wedding specialists who provide one of the best collections of bridal accessories in the UK are offering up a selection of floristry tips and techniques thanks to their huge customer base of experienced designers. Thanks Corsage Creations, and welcome, sunshine!

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Given carnations, roses, chrysanths and alstros are Colombia's top exports, you'd be forgiven for thinking a trip to the Proflora trade fair in Bogotá might not fill you with awe, but actually as they're the most commonly sold varieties it's so refreshing to see the latest and greatest versions of the world's favourite flowers. And there's nothing boring about them. Scroll down for 37 of our top picks at every end of the spectrum from just bred with no name yet to oldies but goodies.

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Being a florist is probably the thriftiest profession. How to create floral art out of nothing is your specialty, you can make magic happen where any laymen would be stumped. Which is why we'd like to introduce you to your new best friend, the rubber attachment, or Design Disk, which – with a bit of cold glue - aims to give you ultimate creative freedom, and make business that bit easier.

So Corsage Creations have set the #ColdGlueChallenge, to see just how creative their UK and Irish florists can be.

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The 'Perfectly Lovely Bouquet' is a product among one of the big supermarket's spring floral offering. Perfectly lovely? Surely a special gift should be more than just perfectly lovely.

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