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Flowervision’s Dutch Report – Part 1

Flowervision London recently took a trip to Holland with a small group of customers where they visited the famous flower Auction, their buying partners at Duyvenvoorde and four flower growers.

The dedicated team returned with armfuls of invaluable new knowledge and ideas, and they want to share it all with you! So here’s part one of five – Flowervision reporting back from the epicentre of the industry… The Auction.

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Corsage Creations have released their latest catalogue packed full of tons of brand new tools to make those wrist corsages and button holes as simple and stylish as possible. (Read on for a 'how to glue a corsage' guide and tips from other florists)

Plus it’ll soon be time to start promo for the proms and wedding season is once again on the horizon, when Corsage Creations’ ready-made wristlets will come in super-handy. 

So preparation for summer is well under-way, but there’s still one question on everyone’s lips… how do you make yours?

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You may remember the great rainbow rose debate back in March last year… Literally hundreds of you sounded your disgust at artificially dyed roses. No matter how bright and cheerful those colours may be, you just couldn’t stomach the thought that they weren’t natural.

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Ever wondered how far your blooms have travelled before they reach your flower stand? It’s easy to forget about all that they go through after being plucked from the ground – often far, far away from where they’ll end up.

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Caroline and Hannah had the pleasure of attending the New Covent Garden Market annual bash which took place at Brunswick House in Vauxhall – just minutes away from the market itself. They enjoyed mixing with floral people whilst admiring the fantastic displays adorning the venue, designed by Sophie Hanna with aid from Floris Van Den Hoed.

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We took to Facebook to find out your opinions on the artificial colouring of roses and we were absolutely inundated with responses! The majority vote screams ‘Yuk!’ but there were some good arguments in favour too. Unfortunately we can’t publish all of your views but here’s a few, picked from among the hundreds!

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