Mercedes Docter & Sia Rutjes: Fleuramour florists in focus

Alden Biesen’s castle grounds have been decked out with flowers designed by some of the best floral artists in the world, we spoke to one designer from Dutch horticultural and florist magazine, Groei & Bloei.

As you reach the end of the first floor you’re met by an impressive fiery structure that stands all the way to the ceiling, decorated in autumnal flowers it seems to artfully explode from its centre like a flower firework with too many varieties to name all at once.

It was designed by master binder, Sia Rutjes for Dutch association and magazine Groei & Bloei (Growth & Bloom). Groei & Bloei’s chairman, Mercedes Docter explained what went into their piece: “It’s inspired mostly by florists, the piece has been tied in a hand-tied bouquet form, as florists do. The style is called ‘cornschoof’ (corn sheaf), named after the way corn used to be tied.”

Sia’s design has three levels too it, two hand-tieds attached together, with a third in the middle.



“It’s a well-balanced piece, you must find balance when designing. And it can stand alone as well.

“This is our second year at Fleuramour, it’s nice to be in between so many cultures from different countries, we’ve met people from Scotland who’ve asked us for lessons, and a whole school group from England, the inspiration is flowing around,” Mercedes said.

Groei & Bloei is hosting a flower arranging event on October 8-9 in Venlo, in the Netherlands near the German border. This year’s theme is Antiques Roadshow and visitors will be able to admire competition arrangements made by students and semi-pros, alongside demonstrations from Peter van der Sluis, Hanneke Frankema and a presentation by Romeo Sommers.

“We’re kind of like your RHS, part of our community is horticulture and its industry, and the other half is for florists. If you check our website, you can find all the information you need about us and our events.”

For more information on Groei & Bloei’s Antiques Roadshow event, visit their website. Want to know more about Fleuramour? We’ve got loads of info here at the Florist, click here for our updates from Fleuramour


Pictured: Sia Rutjes alongside her design.