60 Seconds with Rob Van Helden, Rob van Helden Floral Design

A Dutchman in London, Rob Van Helden has gone from running a flower stall on Fulham Road to heading one of the world’s largest events florists, Rob Van Helden Floral Design, some thirty years later. He’s been chosen by New Covent Garden Flower Market as day five’s featured florist for #BritishFlowersWeek.

What three words would best describe you?

Hardworking, creative, loyal.

Best business decision?

Running a business with my sister.

Worst business decision?

Becoming addicted to my work!

What turns your stomach and why?

Painted flowers, they don’t show the beauty of the flower.

How do you relax?


Greatest indulgence?

Watches and pens.

What’s your biggest pet hate?


What’s something you dream of doing?

To continue to bring happiness through my floral creations.

What do you find most difficult?

Dealing with people who can’t make decisions.

Is the customer always right?

… Yes!

Most cringe-making moment of your career?

Can’t think of a single one!

Best piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry?

Don’t be afraid of hard work.

You’re stranded on a desert island, only one flower grows there, which would you choose?

Lily of the valley. I might get hungry, but it will always smell great!

And finally, the plug…

I am lucky to still love what I do after 30 years in the industry and to have a phenomenal team of full-time florists and loyal freelancers with me at my company - Rob Van Helden Floral Design - who make it all possible. We create amazing floral designs for weddings, international society parties and events and film premieres across the world from India and Mallorca to Sicily, the Maldives, New York and London.