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Poinsettia Power and Profit

What is the difference between a cut flower and a plant? It may sound a flippant question but as far as I can see, the only difference is how much of the stem is still attached to the soil! Because let's face it flowers (and foliage) are all plants that have been cut. Which means that the creativity with plants should be no different to the creativity with flowers.

Now I know there are loads of florists who do brilliantly with plants and have actually bought more as flower prices have gone up with great success. Trouble is there are also many florists who ignore plants either because 1: they need ongoing TLC or 2: they don't reckon they can sell them.

And never is that more true of the Poinsettia which a lot of florists simply see as a supermarket plant to be ignored at all costs. Which is a great shame. Because as we come to the end of our 2016 #PoinsettiaFest campaign *1 the fact is Poinsettia are an amazingly versatile plant that can either be sold as is*2 or used as an amazingly long lasting cut flower.

You see treat them properly, the video below will show you how, and I can hand on heart say that in the tests we've run over the years they've lasted perfectly and better than some of the plants I've had.

What's more the coverage and festive look they give is phenomenal and make them so much better value than 'normal' flowers like red cars/gerbera. All of which means that designs aren't just lush but incredibly profitable as well.

You'll probably want to test it out before you send out your own designs but why not give it a go this weekend/next week and test poinsettia power for yourself; with predicted flower prices for Christmas week it would be mad not to.

*1 If you are on Facebook you can see lots of our events at or visit our dedicated Poinsettia page here. For more information and ideas, you can visit our pan European website at

*2 Bossy message from CMF. Florists should make sure they buy the bigger varieties and pimp them beautifully. DO NOT try and compete with Sainsbury's et al - that's the route of madness!


Top image bridal bouquet designed by Pip Bensley, who's been a poinsettia hero both this year and last.




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