GFG … endless possibilities – no hidden agenda


Am I disappointed that we don't have more GFG'ers. Of course. Given as a magazine we deal with the industry on a daily basis I know there are some stunning shops out there who totally deserve to carry the logo but unless people apply I can't do much about it.

However, what makes me very disappointed – heck let's be honest totally hacked off - is the belief in some quarters that GFG is divisive because it has standards, is going to morph into a relay company or will reduce its quality criteria and become a trade association!

All complete bunkum.

I wouldn't touch relay with a barge pole – there are plenty of other people out there looking at new offerings so why on earth would I? As for starting another Association ... oh purleeze. Yes, I know there are people out there who would like to see a new one of those too but I am not about to go there. Happy to work with others (it's why I have repeatedly offered to help BFA) but do something myself? Hey I'm looking to ease my workload – not add to it!

As for being divisive. Since when was it wrong to have standards or praise people who are good ... nay pretty bally wonderful, never mind ballsy enough to put themselves forward. I am old school and have always worked to the highest common denominator principle, not mediocrity and in an increasingly competitive market I would have thought having high standards was a good thing, not something to criticise.

Fact is Good Florist Guide has never, since it was first launched back in '99 under the Master Florist name, done, or aimed to do, anything, anyone else is doing. In fact, as the only merit based and independently assessed award for shops, GFG is completely unique, has a single focus function (to highlight, promote and reward best practice) and as such is a project everyone can/could/should get behind.

For us it makes no difference. We can only do our best and, as I said back in May '16, GFG will stand or fall on what the industry as a whole do to support it. However, to hear totally rubbish rumours being started isn't just unprofessional but pretty unfair on all the wonderful florists who have already made the effort to apply never mind those waiting to find time to fill in their forms.

We have been totally transparent about GFG. The very reason we created a panel of advisors was to show GFG – heck everything we do – was independent and for the industry. However, as my husband always says "there are no problems, only opportunities" so we will continue to do what we have always done and will work on the basis that, far from being bad/divisive or with a hidden purpose, GFG really is – pardon the pun - rather good and maybe the naysayers are just scared of it because it could get in the way of their own agendas. That's a great shame as this industry is far too small for angst and as they say united we stand, divided we fall.