Rise above it


The slightly disparaging comments by The Times on Sunday when referring to the fact that HMRC used bouquets of flowers to apologise did rankle; after all what's wrong with sending flowers! Nothing but it made for a good story. Thing is I know full well that in the next few weeks flowers ... and ergo florists ... will come in for a lot worse as journalists try to use VD and MD as a chance to have a pop at the sector.

But please ... a word of caution. DO NOT react and certainly NOT on social media; well not until you have calmed down or really considered what you are going to write. Because having looked at what happened last year when negatives were published, far too many florists leapt in, had a rant (with far too many swear words) and actually, far from doing any good, just made florists look illiterate, rude and barking mad.

Which means any temporary feeling of empowerment could backfire big time on you and the whole industry – either because your customers will see your rant (nothing is secret on social media) or people might just think florists are stupid.

So can I please ask that you take the high road and ignore the negatives (you can cuss quietly in your own space like I do!) and instead focus on promoting all that is good about flowers and flower giving.

Under the Good Florist Guide banner, we've issued Valentine's press releases to over 1000 newspapers, regional magazines, radio stations and bloggers and have had a huge pick up for both these and requests for bespoke articles on weddings, funerals, Mother's Day etc which means there are plenty of good journos out there wiling to write positive stories. And of course with our magazine hat on if you find a problem or have a journo pressing for facts and figures ... all you have to do is call or email and we'll help where we can ... it's what we do and have done for years

I know how hard it is to ignore pops at our sector - my family are well used to me shouting at TV, computer and ipad screens when I see something that riles me but trust me, it may be galling but I reckon it is far cleverer to turn the other cheek and focus on the positives than get drawn in to a battle.