Stop hiding … get out there!

OK I admit it … I am a bit of a show off! Point a camera at me and I’m away. Stick a microphone in my hand and I’ll talk for England. It’s not that I never feel shy or nervous (I often do!) but overall I work on the basis that if I want to be noticed in a positive way I’ve got to get out there.

So why do so many florists lurk behind their counters or in the workroom day in day out? Why, when I walk into shops, do I get greeted by a disembowelled voice from behind the scenes rather than being met half way into the shop by a smiling face? I don’t want to be pounced on but equally I don’t want to think that I’ve either dared to invade someone’s private space or used the wrong deodorant because they won’t come near me.

Maybe it’s a comfort blanket syndrome. Perhaps the counter is being used as a defence mechanism in case the customer asks an awkward question. Maybe they lurk in workrooms because they’re cutting and conditioning and don’t want anyone to see the mess or maybe they’re just having a crafty sandwich.

Whatever it is it looks bad. Because a florist shop is an emotion based business and therefore you need to be as open and approachable as possible. Counters and workrooms should be used for wrapping, makeup or writing cards on. Not a place to hide behind.