Classes … an opportunity not just for Christmas

Lord knows it’s easy to become despondent about life. After all here we are, it’s nearly April and the weather is rubbish, economic forecasts are as gloomy as the weather and there’s a long old slog now all the peaks are out of the way, especially if you don’t do weddings. Thank heaven for funerals I hear you cry!

But that is no excuse she says, rapping her own knuckles sharply! Yes there are negatives out there but the trick is, as my husband so annoyingly says, to work on the basis that there are still plenty of opportunities as well.

For example where once Christmas wreaths were the only time florists got involved in classes, this year I have seen oodles of Easter wreath classes as well. Not only appealing given the massive increase in all things Easter sales but a nice little money earner as well!!

Which is why maybe some summertime classes should be on your list of things to organise … the Kirsty/ DIY/ crafting thing is sooooooooooo big these days … capitalise on it and remember not all class attendees suddenly rush off to try to become florists.

On the other hand why not offer Hen Party do’s for the Wedding DIY’er. My mate Morgan Douglas Nuth does them and they go down a storm; and often result in him picking up the full wedding order when the bride and her friends clock that playing with flowers is actually a lot harder than they realised and they sure as heck don’t want to get their nails dirty before the big day.

Or what about terrarium making? Plants are the new cool (in my book have been for years but then I always was ahead of trends!), especially amongst the youngies (aka Millennials) so why not ride on the back of these trends and make them work for you.

Because not only do you generate revenue from the class fees, you also get your name out there (you will of course be inviting the press/local radio/tv) and best of all you’ll be showcasing your own skill base and position of expertise; the key fact the independent florist sector has to get out there as to why trained, professional florists are different from the rest. Good luck, let me know how you get on … and pics always a bonus as we can share them on our social meeja channels!


Photo, left: by Imani Clovis on Unsplash