Why faux has real power

Fresh or Faux hero shot finalWhilst I can understand people getting hot under the collar that some of the displays in the recent Chelsea in Bloom were artificial, the truth is an awful lot weren’t.  And boy could you tell the difference ... and not in a good way. 

Because whilst the artificial ones looked positively gleaming after five days, some of the fresh were looking decidedly peaky after day two; not helped by the fact that many designers tried to go the no foam route (more of that in another blog) which not only meant the flowers didn’t really have a hope in heck’s chance given the hot weather but actually gave a pretty poor impression of both the shop and flowers per se.

Which is why I think it was a shame that so many thought it appropriate to use social media so aggressively rather than looking at the positives.  Because it was still flowers that created the overall impression and sad fact is many lay consumers probably wouldn’t have even noticed they were faux.  All they saw was a stunning display of flowers that put the product firmly in the eye of the beholder.

The fact is there are many places fresh just doesn’t work … especially on a long term installations.  And then there’s the cost factor.  Many a bride would die for a fresh flower wall at their wedding but simply can’t afford it.  Create one in faux flowers and hire it out and not only has a savvy florist made a brides dream come true but earned money that they can then spend on fresh where only fresh will do.

Fortunately we have long gone past the day of naff silks and plastic tulips.  Today’s faux flowers are, if you buy at the quality end, stunning and so lifelike … indeed Philippa Craddock (she of Royal Wedding fame and featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine 10.6.18) has just launched her own collection inspired by the V&A’s vast archive of floral illustrations.

Don’t believe me?  See how well you do on this quiz we ran a couple of years ago and if that doesn’t convince you it’s hard to tell then have a look at our Facebook page and watch the vid we made of Neill Strains shop in Belgravia before it was re-designed.  The sea of flowers that runs the length of the ceiling inside not only looks amazing but adds a long lasting floral element in a way no fresh flower could do for so long. And as for looking real … heck even I had to touch them to make sure!