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The slightly disparaging comments by The Times on Sunday when referring to the fact that HMRC used bouquets of flowers to apologise did rankle; after all what's wrong with sending flowers! Nothing but it made for a good story. Thing is I know full well that in the next few weeks flowers ... and ergo florists ... will come in for a lot worse as journalists try to use VD and MD as a chance to have a pop at the sector.

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Tis the time of year when many a florist will bemoan the fact that supermarket daffs are cheaper than they can buy them at and how can they compete - usually followed by some bright spark who says skip the wholesaler, pop down to supermarket and buy theirs! Now I wasn't about to get involved in any public debate but it did prompt a series of thoughts so here goes...

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Now before I say anything please, please don’t take this as a personal criticism. I know there are some florists who make relay work for them but they tend to be bigger shops with better buying power and who have carefully structured their business so that discounted relay work doesn’t drag them down although even they admit it is hard.

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