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What is the difference between a cut flower and a plant? It may sound a flippant question but as far as I can see, the only difference is how much of the stem is still attached to the soil! Because let's face it flowers (and foliage) are all plants that have been cut. Which means that the creativity with plants should be no different to the creativity with flowers.

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My favourite job is writing 'You're in' letters to Good Florist Guide applicants. My worse job? Sending 'Sorry but you've failed' or 'Sorry, you're not up to scratch, improve or you can't join' ones. Not because it takes me ages; I personally write each one and include the panel's comments, but because I haven't invested my hard earned dosh to help rubbish shops and the clue to what we're trying to do with Good Florist Guide is in the name; good means good – not mediocre, tatty or unprofessional.

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