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leave-comfort-zoneOne subject that remained top of the groans list throughout the summer are the relays. Given it is obviously a global issue I wonder what would happen if every florist - or at least a heck of a lot - refused to accept ANY wire service orders for a week or at peak occasion.

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blue-orchid-closeupI clocked an outpouring about blue lilies being sold in Tesco.  I nearly posted a shot of their equally bizarre looking blue Phaelanopsis but held back as A) didn’t want to upset people any more than necessary and B) I couldn’t help feeling traditional florists were missing a crucial point and using valuable energy on the wrong thing.

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GFG-logo-2Am I selling up?  Let’s face it every business is for sale at the right price.  And in my case to the right people as well.  Because what all the people who have approached me this year have really wanted are Good Florist Guide™ and Master Florist®,especially those either currently involved in the relay/order gathering market or people that want to enter the market. 

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To-Do-listOMG … can’t believe it’s been June since I wrote anything.  Very naughty of me but, having decided to take a sabbatical while daughters went through big exams and moved on to their next stage of life, I confess it has taken me a little while to get back into the swing of things: not least because there have been times when I wasn’t actually sure I wanted to.

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to-do-for-webPut up pictures, move Dad to nursing home, post new blog, ring clients, go to Berlin for Poinsettia briefing, get haircut, organise photo shoot, see skin man, pay rent, empty old offices, read gas meter, buy teabags ...

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