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blue-rosesThere was an outpouring on Facebook the other day about some blue lilies sold in Tesco. I nearly posted a shot of their equally bizarre looking blue Phaelanopsis but held back as 1) didn’t want to upset people any more than necessary and 2) I couldn’t help feeling florists were missing a crucial point and using valuable energy on the wrong thing.

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chalk-and-cheese2Rhys Hughes, President of Interflora, and I can have pleasant chats and chew the cud for hours. The same is true of Lorraine at eFlorist who was one of very few people to remember Crimbo ’13 would be tough for me. As people they are really nice. However, while we undoubtedly share many beliefs, the fact is we come at this industry from increasingly different perspectives.

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dislike-buttonThe fact that there has been an outpouring of complaints on all the wire service pages around the world is not really surprising. With the advent of social networking, the opportunity for customers to say what they feel has never been more available or blunt; some of the comments on the Interflora site were unbelievably foul mouthed and I have great sympathy for the poor customer service agents who must have, at times, felt awful.

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tulips-on-keyboardOf course the fact that a lot of florists came off line either late Thursday evening or before 12 on the Friday probably didn’t help. Was it the right thing to do? Should any relay member turn off their terminal? Probably not in the purest terms.

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trollet-on-keyboard-computer-florist-eds-blogA lot of stock is set by the major order gatherers that if they don’t get the order and pass it through to the florist someone else will … at which point, certainly here in the UK, they usually quote M&S/Next/Waitrose et al on the basis, I’m guessing, that it will frighten florists into thinking oooh I must stay with X or Y as otherwise I’ll lose out.

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