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Awesome for webOne thing that has saddened me over the last few months is how little some people are prepared to pay us to do work for them.  Asking for a discount is one thing, telling me they need a cheap deal is just plain wrong. 

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yodel-newspaperBack in January 2014 Yodel was named as the UK's worst parcels delivery firm for the second year running, with over half of its customers rating it as "bad" on a poll on website MoneySavingExpert. Now – as the Guardian report said - obviously Yodel responded and actually questioned the validity of the survey but fact of the matter is the horror stories about Yodel are legion ... and never more so over the peaks.

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which-report-screen-grab-newAs a member I get a weekly email from Which with advance news of their latest reports. Which meant Friday 14th wasn’t the happiest ending to the week. Because there, in big bold letters was the headline I always dread: Pick the best Bouquet for your Mum.

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personal-computer-screenUnless you have a huge brand, no-one really knows who you are. Which is why it is so important, especially for florists who deal with a very personal purchase, that your website really reflects the personality of you, your shop and your work so the customer can get a feel for you and your individuality/service/range in the same way as if they were walking past your shop.

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blue-rosesThere was an outpouring on Facebook the other day about some blue lilies sold in Tesco. I nearly posted a shot of their equally bizarre looking blue Phaelanopsis but held back as 1) didn’t want to upset people any more than necessary and 2) I couldn’t help feeling florists were missing a crucial point and using valuable energy on the wrong thing.

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