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I remember when the Flower Council produced their first Green Gallery online magazine. Lord what an uproar on Facebook! ‘Had they lost their minds’ people metaphorically shouted! ‘This isn’t floristry’ wrote Mrs Angry of Dagenham. ‘Why aren’t they supporting the florists who buy their flowers?’, ‘disgusting … a waste of money’ dah de dah de dah.

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OK I admit it … I am a bit of a show off! Point a camera at me and I’m away. Stick a microphone in my hand and I’ll talk for England. It’s not that I never feel shy or nervous (I often do!) but overall I work on the basis that if I want to be noticed in a positive way I’ve got to get out there.

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Knowing she wouldn’t be with me on the day my youngest tried to buy me flowers for Mother’s Day. She knew she had to ring a local florist (I’ve trained my girls well!!) and she set a budget of £30 which I thought was pretty darned generous for an 18 year old on a student allowance.

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An American florist started a thread on Facebook as to what had caused the demise/deterioration of florists.  Almost instantly the replies flooded in.  It was all because of the relays, the big box stores, the online order gatherers, Brexit, home workers, the weather, the price of flowers, cheap offers on other gift lines, lack of promotion … the list went on and on.

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