NAFAS Gather Celebrity Support for 60K Lonely Bouquets

NAFAS (The National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) plan to spread some joy with a giant push at the Lonely Bouquet project tomorrow, in celebration of National Flower Arranging Day. The charity plans to distribute over 60,000 bouquets across the UK embracing the concept for the second year in a row, this time with even bigger supporting names and even more bouquets to roll out.


NAFAS say the campaign has garnered support from celebrities including Alan Titchmarsh, Jamie Oliver, Lulu, Kimberly Wyatt, Esther Rantzen, Christine Walkden, Joe Swift, Amanda Lamb and Sinitta.

If you've been out of the loop, The Lonely Bouquet is a worldwide goodwill initiative which sees bouquets of flowers abandoned in public places for passers-by to find and take home. The brainchild of Belgian-based florist Emily Avenson, its popularity snowballed nearly two years ago and now has a huge and growing community. As well as being a beautiful little gesture of kindness, the movement has generated some amazing stories and has even proved a successful marketing tactic for florists.

NAFAS Honorary Patron, TV's Nicki Chapman, who is one of the BBC's RHS Chelsea Flower Show presenters, will front the campaign. Nicki commented: "From its humble beginnings, the Lonely Bouquet has evolved into a global movement that has inspired floral fanatics far and wide. The positive responses are hardly surprising – flowers evoke joy and happiness."

Celebrities from the world of flowers and gardening were amongst the first to support the campaign. Gardening King Alan Titchmarsh is amongst the supporters. He commented; "I can't think of a nicer way of bringing sunshine into anyone's life than with a bunch of flowers - especially if it is unsuspected. And flowers aren't just for ladies. Give a man a bunch, too. Tell him they are to make him smile!"

NAFAS hopes that by promoting the 'Lonely Bouquet' concept it can in turn promote the flower industry itself and attract new members to join their local NAFAS flower club.

Sue Brinton, chairman of NAFAS, commented; "Last year NAFAS asked its 60,000 members to distribute 'Lonely Bouquets' across the UK. The feedback we had was outstanding and really highlighted the power of flowers! We received thousands of tweets, emails and letters thanking us.

"The responses from those who had received bouquets were incredibly personal and very emotional. From a woman who was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer who found a pink floral arrangement which gave her hope and courage; to a man who found a posy of 36 blooms on the day of his 36th wedding anniversary which he gave to his wife!"

Nicki Chapman said; "Flowers are uplifting, chic, beautiful and inspiring and it is important that the great British tradition of floral design is highlighted. Floral design is a true art form and we hope that this huge initiative can help spread our passion across the UK"

NAFAS plan to scatter their 60,000 Lonely Bouquets across the UK from the beginning of May. The bouquet's new owners are encouraged to post a message back to NAFAS, to let them know it found a good home.