Water-free flower delivery on the horizon

A ground-breaking packaging solution for flowers means we will no longer need to transport flower deliveries in water, says shelf life extension company, PerfoTec.

PerfoTec Director, Bas Groeneweg, explained that flowers can last longer using a technology called Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP). A technique where the air in packaging is removed entirely, more commonly called vacuum packing, to extend the shelf life of perishable products whilst maintaining quality.

The technique is mainly used for meat and bakery products, as PerfoTec already has a major global presence in the fruit and veg market, but sussing flower transportation was harder because humidity inside packaging caused flowers to be affected by diseases such as Botrytis.

India’s largest flexible packaging company, Uflex, bought PerfoTec Systems for India, which was suffering similar problems transporting mangos. Chairman and managing director of Uflex, Ashok Chaturvedi, accepted the challenge and developed a new biodegradable film called ‘Flexfresh’ which allows flowers to ‘breath in’ oxygen and water whilst releasing any excess humidity to keep the flowers dry.

Using this technique, flowers are ‘put back to sleep’, and can go without water for up to five days. Once delivered to the customer, PerfoTec promises that bouquets will remain fresh in the vase for a guaranteed seven days.

“This partnership has created packaging that can offer a guaranteed shelf life, lower costs, a reduction in our carbon footprint, and a better product for the customer,” said Siva Shankaran from Flexfresh - Uflex.


Giant flower organisation Dutch Flower Group (DFG) was shown the new packaging style and was extremely impressed by the results, in fact one of its retail clients has already introduced the new style so they’re now able to integrate flowers into their grocery home delivery service.

“The gallons of water used delivering flowers is in the millions, so by eliminating that problem Flexfresh is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions around,” added Ashok.

Dutch internet start-up, BloomPost, which delivers flowers throughout Europe, is the first online flower business in the world to implement the new delivery packaging style. BloomPost CEO, Van Stijn, said that embracing this technology will make enormous savings. He even added that he is visualising an in-store floral display without water and cooling, and that web shops will one day be able to send flowers by mail without having to worry about poor quality upon arrival.

“It’s available for fresh cut flowers being delivered from the grower to the market or shops, and also for internet deliveries, so it covers the entire market’s needs,” said Andrew Sharp, from PerfoTec.