Master florist Judith Blacklock launches new book on how to buy

Judith Blacklock, principle of her flower school and author of 13 books has launched her newest title: Buying & Arranging Cut Flowers, The Essential A-Z Guide.

Judith’s a master of her trade, sharing her passion and knowledge as a teacher for the past 16 years as she’s worked with leading brands from across the world.

She says her pocket-sized book offers simple and informative tips on buying seasonable stock, how to recognise fresh flowers and tips on making them last longer. It’s perfect for anyone, from a beginner to veteran florist.

“The range and quality of flowers in the UK is outstanding. In this book, I offer practical advice on how to buy and arrange so you gain even more pleasure from your flowers,” Judith said.

It also features twelve top tips for buying, a comprehensive colour guide and clear images detailing 130 flowers as well as 100 types of foliage and how to use them in arrangements.

Buying & Arranging Cut Flowers is £14.99 and is available from Amazon