Explorer ... a luxury rose from Colombia

The vid is still being edited but we're still raving about Explorer from Colombia which we know a lot of people have been looking for since our Ed first mentioned it last week. However in answer to those who wanted to know what the difference was here goes!

Basically Explorer is a premium rose with limited production and although there is about the same production in Ecuador and Colombia, Colombia has larger areas with certain farms which makes it a far more reliable supply line … pretty much the rule of thumb for all Colombian products simply because they’ve been doing it so long and know the markets they serve - we're talking year round supply and at pretty much fixed prices.

Whilst some Explorer is grown in Africa it is simply not the same so be careful. It may be cheaper but it is highly likely to be smaller headed as well. In fact, as with many comparable flowers, we’re talking chalk and cheese because Colombia grows at 8,700 feet above sea level which makes a HUGE difference and being so close to the Equator gives the flowers another boost as well; they don’t call the Sabana de Bogota near perfect growing conditions for nothing! And because they don’t use heat and light in the same way as some growers it’s better for the planet too.

One point to remember is that because it is a premium/special rose and not mass produced like Freedom, lengths can vary between 50 and 70 cm but the head size will be huge. That said it is really important to remember that Colombian growers don't include the head in their sizing so a 60cm is very often more like a 70cm! You only pay for the stem!

In terms of UK stockists we know for sure four of our Colombian Ambassador wholesalers will have supplies; Clog Flower Wholesale Ltd., FleuraMetz, Southeast Flowers Limited and Peter Hawking and we understand other wholesalers are now actively buying it in to following our first mentions. Hope that helps but feel free to ask anything else if you need.