Polish flower market grows and Flower Expo Poland gets new owner

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The third edition of flower trade show Flower Expo Poland will this year take place to coincide with Polish trade show Green is Life; with both events scheduled to take place from 6 to 7 September.

Both shows will now be organised by Agencja Promocji Zieleni (APZ), the promotional organisation for Polish nurseries. APZ has this year taken over ownership of Flower Expo Poland, having organised Green is Life for the last 25 years. APZ will start the acquisition process next week, and because of the new synergy, there will be a price advantage for future participants at Flower Expo Poland.

The Polish market for flowers

Flower Expo Poland was previously owned by The Floral Agency, which has stopped activities in this field due to internal organisational reasons. However, they are very happy that APZ can continue to run Flower Expo Poland because Poland is a very promising country for the floral sector.

Flower sales from Holland are increasingly significant and last year Poland moved from sixth to fifth place in terms of being one of the most important worldwide sales markets; and it’s still going up. Poland has a promising economy, the average Polish income is increasing and this results in a change in buying behaviour; there’s now more budget available for ‘luxury products’ like flowers and plants. On top of that, research on consumer behaviour in eight European countries taken from 2014 tells us that the Polish like flowers and plants more than any other nation in Europe.