Florist murder mystery identifies killer with flowers

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A recently released debut crime novel named ‘A Bunch of Lies’ by author Lucy Rutherford has received praise from florists as it centres around a flower shop. With each chapter named after a flower, it features floral arrangements and a storyline focussed around hunting for the killer by identifying flowers left at the scene, so it’s filled with recognisable reminders of florist life.

Lucy contacted The Florist magazine and explained, “I want to thank those florists who read and gave me feedback on my debut book. It’s original in that it features a florist’s shop as the centre of a crime novel, so lots contacted me to say how they loved that each chapter was named after a flower and that it featured floral arrangements and customers with their weird and wonderful stories. Throughout the book, florist Nina is trying to discover the killer of a young girl in a hit and run by identifying flowers left at the incident scene.

"One of the great bits of feedback came from non-florists who were amazed at how varied and interesting floristry work is!”

Lucy is now planning the sequel and is putting a call out to people who work with flowers to request any anecdotes about florist life and their customers. If used, you’ll get a mention and a plug for your business. You can contact Lucy by emailing

The novel centres around ‘Flowers for All Occasions’ which is run by Nina and her associate, funeral director Frank, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Julian Clary!

Read the blurb…

“Devastated when her daughter Amy is killed by a hit and run driver, Siobhan has to discover the identity of the killer. Despite their best efforts the police have no useful leads other than the intuition of local florist Nina, and who would believe a troubled young woman secretly in love with a gay man and who would stop at nothing to turn him straight? That is until they find Amy’s diary.

“A chain of events is set in motion linking lies from the past to the present among members of the local community, and which it seems only another death can stop. In the three weeks between Amy’s death and her funeral there are a lot of reasons why people are buying flowers, and their perfume doesn’t always mask them.

“Brighton is famous for its diversity, but even so, the police embark on a witch hunt while the killer maintains his silence.”

‘A Bunch of Lies’ is available to buy on Amazon and in bookshops.