‘Flower Constellations’: new tool to launch through Kickstarter campaign

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Dutch design studio House of Thol has created a new product named ‘Flower Constellations’, durable brass tools with holes for stems, that sit atop vases and containers to create voluminous floral arrangements while saving flowers.

Thomas Linssen & Jana Flohr, the designers behind the Dutch studio, launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new product on March 27th which ends on 5th May 2018 with an aim of €5,400, to fund an initial production run. It states, “It can be challenging to create beautiful flower arrangements when you don't have an abundance of flowers to work with. With Flower Constellations, setting up gorgeous arrangements is effortless every time, while saving flowers from being wasted.”

Aimed at florists and consumers, they suggest creating masterpieces with curated single flowers selected by the florists, as well as using personally picked wildflowers or left-overs from your last bouquet.

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The durable brass Constellations fit a wide range of vases and can be used again and again, and the 2D design means the flat brass disk can expand and fit vases with diameters ranging from 6.5 to 12cm. Being flat, they take up very little storage space and can be shipped as a letter.

The perforated patterns in the 12 different Flower Constellations are derived from the signs of the Zodiac, creating a playful distribution of flowers in the vase. The design is loosely inspired by floral artform Ikebana, celebrating the beauty and composition of single flowers. The number and positioning of the stars in each star sign determines the size of the brass tool, resulting in a total of 6 smaller and 6 larger constellations. Each Flower Constellation comes in expressive packaging in line with the characteristics of the corresponding star sign.

Earlybird pledgers to the Kickstarter campaign will be able to pre-order a Flower Constellation for €15, (the advised future retail price is €17.95). After a successful campaign, backers will receive their Flower Constellations by August 2018.

7. flower constellations florist tool kickstarter

Source and images: House of Thol via Kickstarter