Dutch designer duo Flower Circus put on a show in Gateshead

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Michael van Namen and Jhon Koopman of Dutch florist duo the Flower Circus were invited to wholesaler Bon Bloemen in Gateshead to celebrate the launch the company’s new webshop, with a floral show which took place on the morning of Wednesday 11th April.

Top designer Michael van Namen taught new techniques, tips and tricks for florists to use in their own shops. As he worked, discussions took place about the ways supermarkets compete with florists and how increasingly important it is for florists to stay relevant at the front of consumer minds, as well as the importance of changing with the times and current trends.

Danielle Horn-Bland, Director of Bon Bloemen told us, “Michael van Namen is very energetic person, with an unbelievable passion for flowers. He gets his inspiration from nature around him, trends and shapes. He told us this keeps him up to date and enhances his desire for something beautiful. During the show and presentation, he transferred this passion into surprising and creative bouquets and arrangements.”

During the event, Jhon Koopman talked through the different backgrounds of flower growers, in particular the Rose Lily, and with an impressive knowledge as he is a lily grower himself.

Danielle added, “He kept the crowed entertained with wild stories! We were also able to show off our new heart templates and frames from Flower Plus which create heart-shaped bouquets; one of which was created by a student who was brave enough to volunteer to go on-stage.”

All customers received free samples of OASIS® FloraLife flower food and a selection from the new range of OASIS® biodegradable products.


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Florist attendees
The Whole Schbang -
Secret Garden -
Enchanted Florist -
Wild and Wonderful -
Grangetown Florists -
Cestria Florist -
Watsonia Florist -
Poplar Tree -
Vintage Essence -
Nanna Nell's Floral Arrangements -
Phillipa’s Flowers -
Brinde and Bloom -
Moira J Florist -
Plus a few floristry students


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A few of the flowers used were Lola, Kahala, Carpe Diem, Pink Mondial and Newsflash roses supplied by Royal Roses, colontic; Astroid, Baltica and Copa Chrysanthemums supplied by Deliflor and Beyond; Eustoma Rosita supplied by Van der Lugt; Alstro Charmelia supplied by Royal van Zanten, and Anthurium Marea and Impulz supplied by Anthura. All foliage was supplied by Adomex and flower hearts were supplied by Flower Plus.


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Michael van Namen and Jhon Koopman from the Flower Circus created several designs including:
● A pale wedding bouquet made with roses, daffodils and others.
● A block of foam decorated with chrysanthemums, yellow birch twigs, lilies and anthurium to look like a rising garden.
● A table centrepiece with vivid red lilies, deep green ferns and other foliage, roses plus red and pink anthurium.
● A bouquet in a vase made with purple hydrangea, ferns, pink cotton pods,
● A white and green ring made with lilies, hydrangea and others.
● A block of foam decorated with leftover flowers and foliage from other arrangements such as roses, anthurium, chrysanthemum, ferns and others.

Photographer: Nigel John 


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