How much should you charge for a buttonhole?

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For florists, the debate around how much to charge is a huge question with a whole spectrum of possibilities to consider. While little items like corsages and buttonholes might not seem like the biggest money-spinners, they are essential, consistent and can often provide particularly good margins as they require genuine floristry skills.

Deciding your rates depends on a range of factors; overheads, location, peak times, design style and size all come into account. While there’s no right or wrong answer, it can be a difficult question to ask publicly, which is why Corsage Creations – experts in corsages and buttonholes - want to survey their customers to be able to create a guide that should help florists when making those big decisions.

So they need your help.

In return for taking part in the short survey, you could be one of three florists to win £100 worth of products, and they’ll share the results to help you with your own costings.

7. corsage creations buttonholes how much do you charge 2


Why should I?

By completing the short survey, you’ll be entered into a prize draw offering three recipients £100 worth of products from their exciting new range as well as a selection of essential every day kit.

Plus, as Corsage Creations explain, “If you do take part, together, we might just improve selling conditions across the whole industry. The phrases ‘undercut’ and ‘overcharge’ are so often tossed around, but if we can publish a fair and genuine analysis of industry rates we might help those who are unsure or charging less or more than they need to be - levelling out the playing field for everyone.”

To take part, hit the button below. All answers will remain totally anonymous – you’ll only be asked for contact details if you want to enter the prize draw.