Auction report shows increase in prices of flowers and plants

9.royal floraholland

According to a recent report from Royal FloraHolland, in 2017 the prices growers received for flowers and plants at Royal FloraHolland were 3.9% higher.

The Dutch flower auction realised a product turnover of € 4.7 billion in 2017, an increase of 1.2%. Average prices increased by 3.9% in comparison with 2016. The number of units sold shows a slight 1.8% decline to 11.7 billion units. The products were delivered by approximately 5,700 growers and purchased by 2,500 clients. This is shown in the Royal FloraHolland annual report 2017 that was published on 24 April 2018.

Last year saw a shift from regular auction sales to direct sales between growers and clients. In 2017 regular auction sales represented 43.7% of the total turnover, whilst 56.3% came from direct sales - direct sales of cut flowers show an increase of 5.7%. Houseplants and garden plants increased by 3.1% and 11.9%, respectively.

Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal FloraHolland said: “In 2017, we committed fully to digitisation on the one hand, with the launch of our digital marketplace Floriday as the most important milestone. We are committed to reinforcing the clock. I am convinced of its power."



In 2017, Royal FloraHolland acquired the majority control of FloraXchange, a large digital trade channel primarily for plants. Agreements were made about the future development of the platform and the required investments. This is also part of the digital strategy.



Steven van Schilfgaarde added, “In addition to making Floriday successful, the improvement of daily services to members and clients, and the enabling of an optimal, integral logistical control were already mentioned in 2017 as the three priorities in relation to our growth strategy. We do this from a financially healthy basis. Also in 2017 figures were good." An agreement for a new long-term financing has been reached in 2017. At € 377 million, revenues were nearly the same as in 2016 and regular operating profit amounted to € 22 million. The financial ratios are at a proper level and constitute a solid foundation for the future.


Sustainability is an integral part of the auction’s annual report this year. Royal FloraHolland says it works continuously on the improvement of its own sustainability profile and plays an important role in improving supply-chain sustainability and transparency, and Royal FloraHolland is one of the partners in the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). FSI's ambition for 2020 is to have 90% of the members' flowers and plants production or trading be done sustainably. In 2017, that percentage was 33% for flowers and 53% for plants.