GDPR ... The Florist and You!

GDPR hero shot

Like me, you’re probably sick to the back teeth of receiving emails about the new GDPR rules so you’ll probably be glad to know we aren’t sending anything – simply because, as I understand the rules (Lordy Lord that was jolly reading – NOT!) we are compliant and means very little will change.

You see Purple Spotted Media Services Ltd and The Florist have been a signed up member of The Information Commissioners Office (and its predecessors) for donkey’s years (our registration number is ZA113965 if you want to view our certificate) so we’ll keep sending you our newsletters, magazines and brochures … simply because everything we do really is all about the flowers!

We have amended the Privacy Policy - which seems more about filling it with legalese and stuff rather than changing the basic essence of what we do and how we do it - which you can see here (although I do suggest a cup of coffee should be made) but other than that not a lot is different.

Our database is only seen by me (I’d win Mastermind if there was a postcodes of the UK category), we don’t sell our lists to anyone, and although we will keep sending out our newsletters etc, if you really don’t want them, then as always, there’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom or you can email us at and in the nicest possible way I will delete you!

Hopefully it all makes sense but remember, we operate on a totally transparent basis and always have done so if you have any concerns just ping me an email.

Caroline Marshall-Foster