10,000 Aleia Roses adorn Dutch pop-up shop for a week

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Holland’s popular ‘Shop for a Week’ concept recently benefitted from a rose-tinted makeover as top Dutch designers temporarily styled a pop-up store with a whopping 10,000 red roses – all grown by Aleia Roses in Spain.

Under the artistic direction of recognised florists Ueli Signer and Florian Seyd, who together go by the name The Winderkammer, the temporary shop was opened on 25th May in a canal-side house in Amsterdam. This was the event’s 20th edition and it was this year organised in close cooperation with Aleia Roses, which grows only the famous Red Naomi® variety in great quantity.

The designer pair gave their temporary exhibition the theme ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’, and it could be enjoyed until 3 June. Visitors could marvel at their impressive displays of thousands of roses which were spread out over different rooms; the first felt clean and modern with a floor that disappeared under a field of Aleia roses. In the second, a rich and warm atmosphere was created to match the room’s 17th Century ceiling, and a large dining table was covered with an abundance of even more roses.