Eco-conscious flower farm in Ecuador goes biodegradable

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Florana Farms in Ecuador is making innovations in a bid to step closer towards reducing the industry’s carbon footprint, having recently announced new packaging which is 100% plastic free.

The company explains, “Latin America has not fully grasped the concept of organic and safer ways to grow crops and we’re still far behind from reaching this goal, but here at Florana Farms, we’re trying our very best to produce a chemical-free, organic and beautiful rose. We are dedicated to growing organic roses and we even make our own products in labs located on the farm – for example humic acids and fertilizers.”

“Recently, we have renovated our packaging so that it is now biodegradable, recyclable, eco-friendly kraft carton and paper. By doing this, we have eliminated the use of all plastic and are now 100% plastic free! This is a huge achievement for us and for our country, by contributing a little to stop harming our planet and reducing our carbon print.”
The image on the left shows the company’s earlier plastic packaging, and on the right is the new biodegradable offering.