Interior designer Sarah Akwisombe is named orchid ambassador

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Interior stylist and influencer Sarah Akwisombe will be the UK ambassador of the orchid for 2018, as part of a promotional campaign organised by the Flower Council of Holland and co-financed by the European Union.

As part of the campaign, Sarah will show consumers that there is an orchid for every interior - and not just because there’s over 25,000 species!

Sarah is a double award-winning blogger and interior stylist. Since quitting an office job to follow her dreams in interior design, she has worked with a selection of the UK’s biggest homewards brands. She commented, "I was so pleased to be asked to be the UK's orchid ambassador because to me orchids are symbolic with interiors. It's the first flower that I put into my home when I started to become interested in home decor - It's almost the 'go-to' starting block for anyone interested in interior design! Over time using orchids in interior styling has evolved, and now with so many varieties you really can do something unexpected. A twist on the norm. I'm excited to showcase what can be done with this beautiful and intriguing flower.’

The three-year campaign is titled, "We feel better around orchids: show who you are". The idea behind the campaign is that orchids can show who you really are because of the many different types that exist. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so there is always an orchid for every personality, occasion and interior.

For the third year of this campaign, the focus will lie on orchids in interiors. With the help of orchids, it aims to encourage consumers to show their personality through interiors. Throughout the year and around the International Day of the Orchid (Thursday 6 September 2018), Sarah will inspire the UK to apply orchids to interiors, through her website and social channels. This orchid campaign is being rolled out in several countries, and Sarah has three fellow ambassadors: Lindy de Graaf (Netherlands), Monika Abts (Germany) and Justine Jeannin (France).

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