Fab take up for Good Florist Guide in 2018

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With just over 100 renewals and fast tracked shops in place just four weeks from going live, the new season of Good Florist Guide has taken off with a bang and has already raised over £1000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Commenting on the initial take up Caroline Marshall-Foster said: “GFG has always been my special project; my way of showing the world that not all florists are the same. It was, and is, the one thing that I said I would definitely continue with and I am so glad I did. This year has seen not only a really fast renewal rate but with a far greater passion than before."

She continued: “It’s clearer than ever that florists want something like GFG. They love the fact it’s totally independent. They appreciate that it isn’t a case of just writing a cheque to get in. They know they don’t have to buy anything else to be part of it and they respect the fact that selection – even on renewals - is based on continued ability and professionalism, not how many votes they can get via Facebook.

"Equally though, florists know it isn’t elitist. They know that I have as much passion for a small village shop as I do a city centre one or a florist who only does big weddings. GFG is a totally even playing field because it is all about excellence and professionalism whatever the size of order, whatever the flower used and wherever the shop is based."

And becoming a part of GFG is now even faster and more transparent, because new for 2018 is a nomination process as well as a fast track system based on Caroline’s 40 years of working with florists here and abroad.

“I want to see as many GFG logos out there as I can which is why I’ve introduced new ways we can grow the community, without any drop in standards, to reach our 500 target as quickly as possible. It won’t happen overnight but, if first signs are anything to go by, we are on our way to an even more exciting time for the brand. The fact we’ve already raised over £1,000 for my chosen charity, the amazing Teenage Cancer Trust, is a wonderful bonus.”

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How to be part of Good Florist Guide

Any florist operating a commercial business can join Good Florist Guide – you can see the wish list of requirements below and on their website. You can either be nominated or complete an application form. But whichever way you apply your application will be voted on by current GFG’ers so that it is a group created by florists for florists.

Membership application process

1: Nominated NEW entries
Given there are many hidden gems and to make GFG as inclusive as possible, existing GFG’ers, members of the public and wholesalers will be able to nominate shops/studios (i.e. legal entities) they feel are good enough to hold GFG status - you can access the nomination form here. Kitchen sinkers/dubious entities will not be considered; GFG is about people who make a full time living out of floristry.
Each nominee will be circulated to and voted on by existing GFG’ers only to make sure that there are no hidden issues and in order that everyone feels they are involved.
The actual ‘system’ will be fine-tuned as required but will be done via Survey Monkey and be completely anonymous to allow maximum involvement and ease of use as the key aim is to create a group of top florists by top florists.

2: Traditional application
Florists who want to be part of it can still submit their details via the standard application form here but again all applications will be put to the vote by current GFG'ers.

As always no-one will be able to buy their way in to GFG; charges will only be levied when a shop is approved. Cost will be £95 (plus VAT) to include decals, certificate, online logo artwork, a starter pack of labels and inclusion on the GFG website along with shares on its social media channels. Multiple shops will be charged a discounted rate of £75 plus VAT.

The GFG Charity
Having experienced first-hand the amazing work of the Teenage Cancer Trust when her 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the beginning of 2018, Caroline has decided that a minimum of £10 per GFG application fee will be donated to help them continue their amazing work.

GFG membership criteria

There is a full list of criteria on the Good Florist Guide website but as well as the obvious expectation of above average floristry, customer service and an attractive shop or studio these will be some of the key considerations when granting GFG membership:
• All GFG’ers must have shop or studio i.e. industrial unit et al. If based at a residential address i.e. farm/home they must be able to confirm permission for business use has been given and all applicants must hold full insurance including Public Liability.
• Being VAT registered is not essential.
• A sign written van or branded delivery vehicle (yes bikes count!) is preferred - if only to put your decal on!
• No record of unexplained debt.
• Ideally web sites should be independent rather than relay/off the shelf system but we realise that may be tricky. However use of your own pictures will score heavily in your favour ... we, and consumers, like to see your own work, not stock shots!
• Florists who operate national box delivery service will be allowed but ONLY where make up and delivery is made from their own premises.
• A clean and professional use of social media.
• A trading record of at least two years or if the applicant can demonstrate a history of experience at senior level.
For more information on what GFG looks for and how to apply click here