Flower walls for commercial spaces become new opportunity

12. flower walls trend florist

Since Kim Kardashian’s extravagant nuptials, flower walls have been a noticeable design trend in the wedding world. Now they’re not just for weddings, as a huge variety of shops, restaurants and cafes are also incorporating the eye-catching statement wall into their commercial spaces.

Lucy Johnson, Bespoke Design Manager at TreeLocate, specialist manufacturers of faux flowers, trees and plants, comments on the trend for large scale flower walls. “We have recently experienced an increase in demand for flower walls that now incorporate more of an eclectic mix of base plants such as ferns, grasses and podocarpus fused with splashes of colour thanks to faux flowers such as the enduringly popular species of peonies and roses.”

“Many restaurants and shops are now featuring flower walls that incorporate words spelled out in beautiful blooms, whilst others have opted for whole floral walls or hanging strings of flowers. Colourful and textured flower walls have become a focal point for many businesses, attracting customers and garnering interest across social media platforms.”

Lucy continues, “Low maintenance and versatile, faux flowers don’t require watering and can showcase all varieties of blooms all year round, removing the issue of seasonal availability. For a beautifully opulent design many commercial companies are opting for walls that use a mass of peonies, or for an elegant look, a selection of flowers in soft pastel shades.”

“Our latest project was a green wall with words spelled out in flowers, and with our bespoke options, the creative possibilities are endless. The current trend for flower walls is set to continue and I predict we’ll soon be seeing even more hanging floral displays and floral chandeliers as the next evolution of this attractive design feature.”