Surprising design ideas created by #FreestyleFreesia campaign

15. freestyle freesia florist design inspiration

Over 50 videos and inspirational photos have been produced by #FreestyleFreesia, a campaign to promote modern and imaginative uses of freesia launched by Flower Factor in collaboration with united Dutch freesia growers.

The campaign says, “Freesia is a wonderful flower at which, undeservingly, words such as traditional and old-fashioned cling to. A classical image of a flower sometimes halts the modern and fresh ideas which could pave the way to a revolution! The Freesia is more than just a flower you know your grandmother would like to receive. That’s what the #FreestyleFreesia movement wants to show florists.”

Aiming to break with old ideas and encourage florists to see a freesia in a versatile new way, the #FreestyleFreesia initiative has created a catalogue of videos and photography from young talented florists and renowned floral designers. It aims to inspire, entice and encourage the next generation of florists to experiment with the unique flower and create something surprising.

Here are a few examples of ways the #FreestyleFreesia team have created new and unusual design ideas.

Fiery Freesia
This fiery design with ravishing red Freesia and Leucospermum are a powerful combination in this #FreestyleFreesia design made by Roos van Unen.

15.1 Fiery freesia


Colourful Freesia sphere
Chantal Vollenbroek shows that the Freesia, which is available in many different colours, can easily be combined with each other. White, red, pink, and purple Freesia are used in this design, and when they bloom there will be a colour explosion!

15.2. Freesia sphere


Hot pink and gold
A stunning colour combination and super easy to make. Nelleke Bontje used golden wire from OASIS.

15.3. hot pink and gold


Freestyle Freesia field bouquet
Chantal Vollenbroek created a beautiful #FreestyleFreesia field bouquet with lots of colourful flowers. Pastel and purple shades predominate this natural bouquet. The plastic vase covered with wood veneer gives an extra contrast due its unnatural shape. It also balances out the top and bottom of the design.

15.4. Field bouquet


Airy Freesia bouquet
Kristel van Dijk created a beautifully airy #FreestyleFreesia bouquet with fresh white Freesia. She used the umbrella fern and Viburnum due to their airy character. To mark off the top of the bouquet, folded steel grass is added. This gives extra transparency and adds up to the airy feeling.

15.5. Airy


Lumberjack arrangement
Kristel van Dijk created an interesting and natural #FreestyleFreesia arrangement with yellow Freesia. The round shapes of the wooden discs and the Freesia and Viburnum add movement to the design. The floral arrangement is made with floral foam which is placed inside the round wooden vase. The wooden discs have been put onto sticks, making it easy to place them in the floral foam at different heights.

15.6. Lumberjack

Close-knit construction
Pim van den Akker incorporated the stems of the Freesia in a ball of yarn to make a simple yet surprising composition of shapes.

15.8. Close knit


Serene woodwork
With pieces of wood, serene pure white Freesia and vines of the Passiflora, Kristel van Dijk creates a natural Freesia design. With a few extra details her #FreestyleFreesia design is complete.

15.9. Serene woodwork


Take part in the #FreestyleFreesia challenge
Flower Factor are calling on florists to get the camera out and create a surprising design with freesia. Film the process from the start and your video might be professionally edited by the Flower Factor team and shared on their website and social media channels.

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