Flower Puzzles app is launched: “a creative game for your brain”

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Think of it as the floral equivalent to Candy Crush; Flower Puzzles is a newly released free game for iPhone, iPad and Android. It features photographs of real flowers, from exotic orchids to David Austin roses, which are placed as puzzle pieces in floral arrangements. Each flower becomes a piece of the puzzle.

Its creators say, “It is a relaxing, stress relieving anti-anxiety game accompanied by delightful music. In creating this app, we want people to feel the calm power and beauty of nature. There are 5 levels from easy to hard making the game ideal for children, adults and seniors. The game may be downloaded for a relaxing travel companion.”

Flower Puzzles Features

• Five difficulty levels;
• Over 170 puzzles made from real flowers;
• No WiFi required;
• Relaxing music;
• Share with friends or order a print or postcard of your puzzle

FlowerPuzzles is the pre-curser to FlowerArchitect, an upcoming virtual flower arrangement tool for designers, flower lovers and bridal planning - soon to be released.

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